3 Top Microthemer Tips

The main Microthemer toolbar

I love how Microthemer enables me to leverage the productivity and flexibility of page builders like Elementor (and Beaver Builder) but still gives me as much control over the minute design needs that the page builder widgets do not always provide. Microthemer enables anyone to effectively edit WordPress Custom CSS with all kinds of helpers if … Read more

Color Palettes in Elementor

Managing Color Palettes

Elementor Default Colors One of the frustrating things that can happen with Elementor is understanding what colors are used for headings and P tags and how to get the list of colors you want up not just in Elementor, but also in Astra (or in most other themes) as well as your pre-gutenberg editor. For … Read more

Replace the MacOS Terminal with iTerm2

Dialing in Beginnings One thing you will quickly find as you start to dial in your MacOS configuration is a need to be able to work effectively at the command line. When I moved to OS X from Windows running Solaris x86 and flavors of Linux in VMs or dual boot setups I was so … Read more

Python Version and Project management

Python code

I use pyenv to manage the versions of python installed and available to my user; and then I create a virtual environment for specific use, activate it, and pip in the libraries I need. For example, I installed two specific versions of Python, then created virtual environments to enable NeoVim to use the proper Python runtime … Read more

Review: MarginNote 3 for iPad

MarginNote is a great application for reading and studying books and long-form documents in PDF and EPUB formats. In this review I will take a look at the following subjects from the perspective of an iPad Pro 10.5” user focused on the Apple Pencil:1. How to get PDF and EPUB files into MarginNote on iPad2. How … Read more